Wednesday, October 5, 2011

New Idea

Megan and I have reconsidered our idea and thought of a funny story.  This one is a play off of Cinderella.
Elevator Line:  A college student must find the girl of his dreams using only the bra she left behind at a party, but this chase may only worsen their possibilities of being together.

Basically, at a Halloween party a guy meets a girl (both fully costumed) and really hit it off.  She changes before she leaves and forgets her bra amongst the guy's cluttered room.  He figures if he can find who the bra belongs to he will find that girl again.  Humorous antics follow him on his quest, but when the girl finds out someone is running around with her bra she gets really mad.  Eventually through the help of friends and discovering the truth for themselves, the two start over and become friends.

It's a comedy and it'll follow the guy, the girl, and their sidekick friends.

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