Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Dossier Report

Mat:  Mat is an orderly person.  If there are loose threads he feels the need the fix them.  However this need for order often comes into conflict with his shy tendencies which cause him to back away.  Combined into one person this creates an awkward, hesitating individual.  He finds a sense of completion and wholeness when talking so Susan at the party.  Even though he only finds her bra, Mat knows there is a way to find her, but wether or not he is willing to go the distance is still uncertain for himself.

Sam:  Sam is the foil to Mat.  He lazes contently amongst his surroundings without a real call to action.  He does, however, have the confidence which gives him enlightenment that can be shared Mat.

Susan:  Susan does not feel comfortable amongst the normal crowd of her peers.  She is obligated to her work and sits quietly alone during parties.  This leads to her extreme frustration with Mat when her already limited social status is shattered by the bra fiasco.

Lauren:  An artistic person with unfulfilled desires.  Her practices and habits have often deterred friends and possible relationships, yet her passionate spirit continues to pine for what she is missing.

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