Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Self Critique wrightup: Projects 1 and 2

Project 1: This is my self introduction through a gesture.  I chose to film my introspective chin-rub while climbing the stairs (my though process.)  As I climb, I run into people (much like I may end up oblivious to the world around me while lost in though.)  At the top of the steps, I reach my conclusion.  It's meant to be my struggle for insight.
 Jorge did a good job with the camera work on this, very focused and controlled.  I can't help but notice the tripod bag, coat and drink in the background of the stair climbing scene.  I'm not sure how clear the message is, it feels a little too subtle (like it could be even more extreme.)  However, I like that I'm kept on one side of the screen (even while climbing the stairs) until I reach my conclusion.  The end is really fast.  I can't tell yet how well it transitions into Michele's project.
On set, I didn't use good enough people management.  I left Jorge in the sun for too long and which made me stressed to find my extras.
Overall I'm pleased with it, but it seems a little dull.  I feel like it lacks that extra punch.

Project 2:  Student crams to finish homework while her popcorn cooks (a parallel action of building tension.)
Lack of focus (camera focus) made me lose a shot or two.  The first shot particularly is muddy.  I like the harsh transitions between the quite classroom and the noisy cafe.  On that note, I don't like some of the conflicting sounds in the cafe which makes the popcorn sound hard to hear.  To fix this I should reshoot the popcorn shot or record news sounds for it.  I can see myself in the reflection of the microwave.
I think the work flows fairly well (for a story that flows with jerky cuts.)  Some of the compositions of some of the desk shots I really like.  I think the scene could be pulled out longer, but this would require more shooting.
From a managing point of view, I should have started shooting in the class instead of the cafe.  The cafe set my frantic pace to get in, shoot, and get out.
Story wise it works alright: 7-8.  It could be pushed more.  Maysa could be more frantic near the end and the popcorn should have been smoking.  It's good, just more would be a lot better.

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