Monday, August 29, 2011

Personal Gesture Storyboards

The gesture I plan to do is my contemplative gesture.  I'm pretty contemplative, but that comes with good and bad outcomes as we will see here.  I can't tell how good the handwriting on the SBs will look so I'll explain the shots. 
1.  The establishing is still a little uncertain as Jorge is smoothing out the details of the transition, but for now an establishing shot from the 3rd floor catching me at the bottom of the steps to the school.  Zoom in to better see me.  The steps are my thought process.
2.  My gesture, I'm on the right.
 3.  This is the Kubrician tough-shot.  I'd like to have the camera following me up the stairs.  While this is happening (and I continue to contemplate) everyone else will bump into me as they descend (or rather I bump into them by being absentmindedly introspective.)  The movement of the camera is important because it is supposed to represent the change and transition going on internally.  I will stop my climb with one step left.
 Here is a top-view diagram of the action done in a football play style.
 4.  Still on the right, I come to the idea I was mulling over.
5. I jot it down, thus completing my thought process by
6. Making the final step (towards the left.)
 7.  Low angle shot of me from behind as I savor the moment.  I'll resume my walk forward for a split second leading to-
8.  I bump elbows (preferably with Michele) which will segway us to her scene.