Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Travel Fellowship Application

Annecy International Animated Film Festival 
Each June in Annecy, France there is large animation conference where professionals, students and general public alike meet together and reveal the newest in animation world culture.  From Pixar and Dreamworks to French,Russian, Japanese, and independent studios all participate in this festival.  As an aspiring animator, visiting such an event would be a great learning experience as well as a potential time to establish contacts.  I’m a well organized and well behaved person who likes to travel.  I’ve been to large conferences before so I know how to move well in a big crowd.
Screenings are held throughout the five day event as well as workshops and booths.  While attending, I can witness great new animations from around the world and learn useful tips from a wide range of animation styles.  These useful tips could benefit my skills as an animator and give me a greater feel for the animation industry in different regions of the world.  The event lasts from June 4th to  the 9th.  An ideal date to leave would be the 1st of June.  Planes to Geneva take 17 hours, after that it’s only a 40 minute taxi ride to Annecy.  The Hotel Mercure is close to the conference and has very reasonable prices.  On the 9th, I can return to Geneva for the plane ride back to Memphis.
While at the conference and festival I could take photos, participate in workshops, and even shoot videos of what I see.  After the experience, I hope to use what I learn in an animation inspired from the many works I see.  I could also create a detailed record of the event to share it my peers and teachers.  

Behance visit

I really like the animations by Emmanuelle Walker.  He only has a few videos up, but what videos he has are rich in color and style.  There is a rough, hand drawn feel to his world but a deep, real sense of space with it.
I also liked Tendril Design's animations.  Their demo reel showed a great deal of high quality 3D motion graphics.  The creativity and detail was mesmerizing.
Vladimir Shelest's portfolio I enjoyed for its imaginative sci-fi imagery.  Many of his works, be it animated, stills, or ads have a very retro 60s space-age look but with a very new edge to them.  They are rendered in very nice 3D graphics.