Wednesday, September 21, 2011

New Gilgamesh Outline

Act I
Scene 1:  Max Gilgamesh and Evan Kidnu are introduced through a sequence depicting their very different lifestyles.  Max comes from a rich family.  Son of the late Donnald Gilgamesh who founded the corporation Max now runs.  Max lives a wild, spoiled life running a business and always trying to outdo those around him.  Evan comes from a poor upbringing and through great drive and fast breaks has landed a big job at Max's business.  This scene follows the two through parallels leading up to a big company merger party which both characters attend.
Scene 2:  At the merger celebration party.  Max, already getting tipsy during the opening remarks, gets up in front of the speakers and makes a spectacle of himself.  Evan becomes angered by Max's behavior and ,while trying to subdue him, starts a fistfight with his boss.  After the fight (as well as the party), Max and Evan are laughing and have become friends.  Max respects Evan for standing up to him and promotes him to his personal assistant. 
Scene 3:  Max and Evan have been running the business together for a while now.  They plan to find a way to spread their influence and become a corporation that's globally recognized.   Evan meets Max's mother who is courting a very powerful shareholder of a rival corporation Forrest and Son.  The shareholder leaves his coat were Max finds a vast amount of his stock shares hidden inside.  Seeing this as a sign of good luck, Max "borrows" the stocks as part of a plan he was forming to overthrow Forest and Son.  Evan warns Max that if his own shareholders (or the press for that matter) find out about this theft his reputation could be ruined.  However, Evan can't deny this is the opportunity they needed.

Act II
Scene 1:  Max and Evan enter Forest and Son pretending to be potential investors and request to meet with the CEO.  Once they meet the CEO, Max and Evan reveal who they are and that they have control over the majority of the company's stocks (and therefore the company itself.)  They manage a hostile takeover and win the company for themselves.   Later, the two return the stock shares to the shareholder by slipping them back into his office desk.
Scene 2:  After the success, Max's ex-wife tries to rekindle their relationship in hopes of stealing his fortune.  When Max denies her she sends a cutthroat lawyer out to snoop and undermine Max company.  Chaos ensues until Evan turns the tables on the lawyer, causing him to withdraw.  However, the lawyer manageS to find out a small lead into the questionable acts Max and Evan had done to Forest and Son.
Scene 3:  The truth about their deceitful takeover of Forest and Son becomes public and Evan takes the fall for it.  Max is stricken with guilt.  Seeing Evan lose everything he had made Max worry for his own safety in the company, for the shareholders had ruined Evan and could ruin himself as well.  He decides to find the greatest businessman in the world, Gensai Hyotoko, and find a way to run a business above control from others those who might destroy it.  
Scene 1:  Max meets Gensai and asks him how he could run his business without concerns of his status or shareholders.  Gensai proposes that Max shadows him along his typical business day.  
Scene 2:  Before the day is over Max is exhausted from the stresses and intense workload that Gensai puts himself through on a regular basis.  Gensai tells him that the power Max is seeking is something that cannot be attained unless he works himself constantly without breaks or pleasures.  If Max wants to live free of worry for the future, he must live in the moment where things can last forever.  Disheartened but wiser by this awakening, Max leaves.
Scene 3:  On his way out he sees that Evan was working at Gensai's (speaking bad Japanese on a phone in a cubicle no less.)  Through Evan's difficult opposition, Max manages to convince Evan to quit the corporate game and start a new life working at a small business. 
Scene 4:   Max's business still stands (but is under new management.)  Across the street Max and Evan run a  ladder shop called "The Middle Rung."

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