Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New Story: A Romance

Megan and I have worked together to make this story idea.

A lonely computer technician is looking for the perfect girlfriend, but he learns that love problems don't have a troubleshoot menu.  Sometimes a perfect girlfriend can still be missing something.  When his hope is lost it's the unlikely girl who shows him sharing differences is better than sharing similarities.

The theme is that the ideal doesn't work in romance.  What you think you want in a relationship isn't always what works best.

The hero of this story is a computer technician who is fed up with bad relationships.  He wants the perfect girl.  Following his mindset, he makes a list (a detailed one at that) of all the qualities his perfect girlfriend would have.  As his number of disappointing oddball dates goes up so does his lengthening list of must have's and must have not's.  Finally, he finds the perfect girl!  He goes on a date and she's everything he wanted... but something was wrong.  Frantically, he runs everything through his head and can't figure out why they don't succeed as a couple.  The hero gives up and falls into depression. However, one day while waiting at a streetlight he meets a girl.  There was nothing special to note.  They meet again the next day.  A little small talk, nothing more.  The next day, a little more.  The next day a little more.  They start to learn more about each other.  Each conversation (though only small remarks) the two experience new things through each other's company until they become friends.  While buying coffee, the long list of girlfriend qualities falls out of his pocket.  He forgetfully throws it away and moves on.  As the couple enjoy the coffee the streetlight changes and they cross  the road together.

It's a funny, cute romance.
3rd person limited through the hero's perspective.

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