Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Near-Future Goals

During winter break, I’d like to plan out some aside animation projects that could be put into my demo reel.  This can include storyboards, character designs, and backgrounds.  For many summer internships, February is a good application period.  During January and February I plan on animating some sequences and writing cover letters for all possible summer animation internships.  I’m largely focused on applying for big-named studios as a summer internship.
Through Spring I’ll continue to add to my demo reel through classes and my own work if time allows it.  If I hear back from any of the companies I’ll definitely accept and work during the summer.  There is a scholarship for summer internships which I need to ask if and how to apply for it.  If I do not get a summer internship, I will be home during the summer but would continue researching internships (including local.)  By the end of the Spring semester I should know if I get a Summer internship or not so I can apply for local Fall internships before school ends.  

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